Are Online Movies Treason Against Originality?

Online Movies Treason

Gone are the days when you’d have to pay for a bulk of TV channels and watch only that which was being broadcasted, most of which was replaying older content. The new age of OTT platforms has brought hard times upon broadcasting networks. At the end of the 2000s, various companies in the entertainment industry, namely Blockbuster (the famous rental service) and Google, shifted gears to the top of the broadcast network. This resulted in the launch of Netflix and YouTube, streaming services that let the users pick what they wanted to watch and when. Since then, a whole lot changed about how movies were being made and consumed.

The big debate

There has been a hot debate between filmmakers from both wings about the authenticity of the movies that go up for consumption online. Traditional filmmakers express those movies are inherently made for the big screen, and it is a sin to have them online. However, the other side of the table stands in favour of the satisfaction of the users. Online streaming services are keen to churn out as much content as they can with limited resources. And the rate of new content has been raging with them.

It doesn’t then suffice to say that online streaming is some form of digression from the original intent. It is rather an addition of options for the audience and a platform for new and novice creators.

Four reasons to watch movies online

  • On-demand- You no longer have to wait for 9:30 pm to hit the clock when your favourite sitcom airs. Now you can watch all and any episodes as and when you like them.
  • Original content – Big budget movies happen a few times a year, and more likely than not, they’ll let you down. So instead, go for original content that makes use of limited resources but still promises to entertain you.
  • Over multiple devices – Those fights you have with your siblings for the TV remote are nasty. Avoid those by going online on your device and watch what you like as your sibling watches what they like, all at the same time.
  • It’s a bargain – If you aren’t already upset about the new broadcast rules, which charge a hefty service fee before you even begin to select channels, then the lack of options really should put you off. But no worries, online streaming is as affordable as it can get. So get yourself a bargain.

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